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After a long brake Tribal Stuff is back online!
Tribal stuff was made a wile back by me and it worked for sometime but I then regret to have to say I lost interest! But now were back and its going to be bigger and better than befor!
Whats it all about?

The Tribe is a TV show depicting a world without any adults! All peace and normalaty have gone just tribal instincs and war paints survived!

In the wake of a deadly virus that has wiped out the adult population the children of the world must now survive on there own! With the stuggle to survive in the gostly city with very little food, warter or electicity 'the tribe' tells the story of a band or 'tribe' of teenagers known as the mallrats!

Dont be put off by the strange but cool looking face paints and hair thats what makes the tribe what it is!

So who makes this tribe?

The Tribe is made by Cloud 9 screen entertainment group, one guy Raymond Thomson is the executive producer of cloud 9 and The Tribe. You can visit the official Tribe website Tribeworld and the Official Cloud 9 website at cloud 9 are celebrating 10 years of family entertainment!

I need your help!
If you have anything I could add to my site then let me know and i will add it on! (credited to you!)
If you have any ideas for my site also let me know!
My email

a little about me!
hi my name is Jo and I am a huge fan of the tribe by cloud 9. and I live in the UK manchester and i whanted to make a fan site for the tribe to share it with others around the world!

My email!

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